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Include a decent back-up tool in case files are deleted accidentally

in respose to your answer, what happens if the user deletes their recycle bin regularily like i do. I always ensure that the files recycled cannot be recovered. what happens then? what i meant was to be able to create a zipped file of the deleted files that could be kept for a specific period before being permanently deleted. You could even enable the user to set the time the backup is kept.

Whiterabbit-uk, 20.08.2012, 07:42
Idea status: completed


1-abc, 20.08.2012, 13:13
Take a look at the options dialog. There is a check mark that is set by default which deletes to Recycle Bin where you can undo deleting if necessary.
Whiterabbit-uk, 20.08.2012, 23:00
What I mean is create a back up of the files deleted by the program that is as a true back up; not the ability to recover from the recycle bin. I always clear my bin out every day and use software to ensure its unrecoverable (as do many users). The backup could be saved as a zip file, which can then be deleted at a later date once the user is sure there are no problem resulting from the use of the HDD washer.
Whiterabbit-uk, 20.08.2012, 23:03
Please see the additional info I've added to the original suggestion (in response to your answer). Thank you.

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